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Beelzebub's tales to his grandson online dating

So it appears as though these 3-1/2 year periods made up part of a whole number.

*Seating in the Heavens *Seed *Seismos *Servants *Seven Congregations *Seven Stars *Seventy Weeks *Sexual Immorality *Should Christians Agree on Everything? *Spanking *Spiritism *Spirit of Anointed or of Anointing?At 2 Chronicles , the Septuagint speaks of the land fulfilling its 'Sabbaths.' However, the Hebrew word that is used there is shavta, which really means, 'rest.' So the Masoretic (Hebrew) text of 2 Chronicles reads, 'to fulfill Jehovah's Word by Jeremi Ah until the ground pays off all its days of desolation, the ground will rest (heb.shavta) until seventy years are fulfilled.' There is a special expression in the Hebrew, which means to observe or keep the Sabbath; it is 'lishmor shabat,' and this is not found in the Hebrew text here. It appears as though some have tried to twist the words in order to create some compromise between what the Bible says and secular chronology, which chronology is far from being 100% accurate.*Gods *God's Chosen People *Gog the Grasshopper King *Gospel Message *Gospel of Matthew H *Hades *Ha Man *Hate, Dislike, or Care Less for? *Hebrew Songs and Poetry *Hebrews, Isra Elites, Jews, and Semites *Holidays *Homosexual Relationship Between Jo Nathan and David? *Hypocrite I *Image of Dani El Chapter Two *Immediate Resurrection to Heaven? *Isaiah *Isra El's Sin Over Meat J *James (Half-brother of Jesus) *Jeremi Ah *Jeremi Ah 37:5 *Jesus' Last Words *Jesus' Fleshly Brothers and Sisters *Jew *Job *John *Judging the Angels *Judging the Twelve Tribes of Isra El *Judging Your Brothers *Judgment Day K *Kainan *Kill or Murder?*Homosexuality and Bestiality *Honest Judge *Hope of All Creation *Horeb *House to House? *Kingdom L *Lachish *Lake of Fire *Lamp Stands of Revelation *Land of Ra Messes or Gesem (Goshen)?

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*Large Crowd *Last Days *Last Lamb *Laying the Temple Foundation *Leprosy *Lesson in Humility *Living Creatures or Animals?