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Charlie kelly dating profile shirt

His anger management issues, substance abuse, poor hygiene, lack of common sense, illiteracy, and poor grasp of reality prevent him from achieving much success in life.

He frequently abuses inhalants such as glue, spray paint and poppers and, like the rest of the Gang, is a heavy drinker.

Danny De Vito has mentioned on numerous occasions that Charlie Kelly is linked to a mentally challenged Englishman called "Christopher Dayman Pitt".

Christopher was unable to comment due his inability to read or write.

Early in the series, Charlie had a fear of leaving the city, claiming that he has never left Philadelphia in the episode "The Gang Hits the Road".It is also rumored that Pitt is the inspiration for the "Day Man" from many episodes, albeit ironically.Charlie's difficulty reading and writing, generally poor communication skills, and poor grasp of grammar and syntax result in constant berating by the rest of the Gang.Overall, he seems to be the least morally bankrupt member of the Gang.Charlie seems to be the most artistically talented member of The Gang, though his talents are rarely utilized by any of them.

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He has also orchestrated elaborate schemes when given authority in the bar by Frank in the episode "Mac Bangs Dennis's Mom", where he successfully convinces Dennis to humiliate himself sexually and get in a fight with Mac and convinces Dee to give him favors and assistance in seducing the waitress.

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