Dating the enemy itv1

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Dating the enemy itv1

She also runs a new writing theatre company, Deadpan Theatre.Matt has spent the last eleven years working in various roles within the accounts department of Company Pictures and has enjoyed working on many of the shows the company has produced.New to this extended series is young and charismatic DCI Scott Vaughan (Oliver Milburn) who is drafted in to replace disgraced DCI Harry Hutchinson who was arrested at his own retirement party on corruption charges.DI John Keenan (Cal Macaninch) is relieved to be rescued from the mountain of paperwork he’s had to deal with whilst he’s been filling in as acting DCI but his trust in his superiors has been severely bruised and Scott has to prove his worth to his well worn DI.Scott is quick to make his presence felt at that station by ingratiating himself with his new colleagues but one of the team is rather familiar; the previous evening he had been flirting with a beautiful stranger at a police event who, unbeknownst to him, was John’s wife Kate (Zoe Lucker)!John and Kate’s relationship soon hits choppy waters when a case involving domestic violence strikes a raw nerve with the brash detective.He started at Red Planet Pictures earlier this year as Finance ...Fiona previously worked at Greene Light Stage (formerly Old Vic Productions).

Jac is adamant about her innocence yet finds it increasingly difficult to prove as witness statements detail how she threatened the victim; a man who attacked her last year, and her prints are all over the weapon but she is insistent that she wasn’t the one who stabbed him.

Market trader turned award-winning writer, Tony Jordan has run or created some of the most iconic shows on British drama (East Enders, Life on Mars and Hustle for starters).

He now combines a packed writing schedule with driving the expansion of t...

In order to lay ghosts to rest, John visits his father in prison but far from letting bygones be bygones, John Senior is intent on winning the battle of wills against his head-strong son and keep him under control.

John’s patience is tested as his father continues to play games with his emotions just as he did when he was a child.

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Belinda joined Red Planet Pictures in 2011 as Executive Producer before becoming Head of Drama and most recently Joint Managing Director.

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